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CBDT signs first ever Bilateral APA with Netherlands; Total APA-tally touches 186

CBDT inks 2 Bilateral APAs during November, 2017, the first-ever with Netherlands thus taking total APA to 186 (171 Unilateral and 15 Bilateral); The 2 Bilateral APAs signed pertain to

Dec 01, 2017

CBDT signs 7 unilateral APAs in October; Total APA tally touches 184

CBDT inks 7 more Unilateral APAs during October 2017, takes total APA tally to 184 (171 Unilateral and 13 Bilateral) and current FY APA tally to 32 (30 Unilateral and

Nov 02, 2017

CBDT signs unilateral APA covering multiple transactions using different benchmarking approaches

CBDT signs a unilateral APA with US-based multinational corporation engaged in B2B products; APA covers multiple transactions involving import for trading, import for assembly, marketing services, etc.; Unilateral APA signed uses

Oct 31, 2017

CBDT inks 2 more unilateral-APAs in IT/ITeS sectors; Total tally reaches 177

CBDT inks 2 more unilateral APAs with Indian taxpayers during September 2017, taking total APA tally to 177 (164 Unilateral and 13 Bilateral); The 2 APAs pertain to Automobile and

Oct 06, 2017

CBDT signs 4 APAs in August, Bilateral APA tally reaches 13

CBDT inks 3 more Unilateral APAs and 1 Bilateral APA during the month of August 2017, the total tally reaches 175 comprising of 162 Unilateral APAs and 13 Bilateral APAs;

Sep 04, 2017

CBDT inks 9 more unilateral APAs, first in Oil & Gas sector

CBDT inks 9 more unilateral APAs (some with rollback provision) in the month of July 2017, including its first APA with taxpayer engaged in supplying rigs used in Oil &

Jul 31, 2017