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CBDT scores double century of Unilateral APAs, opens account for 2018-19

CBDT touches 200 Unilateral APAs landmark with signing of first Unilateral APA in current FY 2018-19, total APA tally now stands at 220 (including 20 Bilateral APAs); Unilateral APA signed

May 03, 2018

CBDT inks 2 Bilateral-APAs with USA in March; Total APA tally touches 219

CBDT inks 16 more APAs during March 2018, 14 Unilateral & 2 Bilateral (with USA), thus taking total APA tally to 219 (199 Unilateral and 20 Bilateral); The 16 APAs

Apr 03, 2018

CBDT inks APA accepting customs valuation as ALP, another on foreign bank’s transaction

CBDT concludes 2 unique APAs, one involving transaction of foreign bank with cross border loan origination arrangements and another where the price determined by Special Valuation Branch of Customs Authorities was accepted

Mar 23, 2018

India, US march ahead with resolution of 2 Bilateral APAs, 40 MAP cases

After week long meetings held in New Delhi, India and US Competent Authorities (CAs) successfully resolve 2 bilateral APAs and around 40 MAP cases; CAs also agree to engage on AMP

Mar 19, 2018

CBDT crosses 200 APAs landmark by inking 7 unilateral APAs in February

CBDT crosses important milestone of signing 200+ APAs by inking 7 more Unilateral APAs in February 2018; The 7 APAs signed pertain to the pharmaceuticals, automobiles, financial and food &

Mar 01, 2018

India inks first ever APA on AMP-issue, tally touches double century

CBDT inks 2 APAs on Advertising, Marketing and Promotion (AMP) expenses, the first ever APAs on the vexed AMP-issue; The APAs concluded also involve settlement on marketing royalty and technical

Feb 26, 2018