Statistics Reveal High Level of Double Tax Relief in China’s MAP Process

Statistics Reveal High Level of Double Tax Relief in China’s MAP Process

Apr 29, 2016

European Commission bows to "intense public demand", proposes public reporting of CbCR information

European Commission proposes public transparency rules for MNCs to tackle corporate tax avoidance in Europe estimated to cost European Union (EU) countries EUR 50-70 billion a year in lost tax

Apr 15, 2016

Countries gather at OECD-Paris to discuss BEPS in developing countries & TP-guidelines revisions

OECD holds 2 important events for international tax community -Task Force on Tax and Development and Global Forum for Transfer Pricing;  Task Force on Tax Development meet held in Paris

Mar 07, 2016

Australia-Germany’s new tax treaty incorporates BEPS recommendations; Introduces LOB, arbitration clauses

Australia and Germany sign new tax treaty giving effect to some of OECD’s BEPS recommendations; New tax treaty introduces an article on Limitation of Benefits, which incorporates “principal purpose test”

Feb 18, 2016

EU strikes down Starbucks/Fiat's sweetheart tax deals with Netherlands/Luxembourg; Orders tax-recovery

European Commission (EC) rules that selective tax advantages for Fiat in Luxembourg and Starbucks in Netherlands are illegal under European Union (EU) state aid rules; Tax rulings were issued to Fiat

Oct 22, 2015

US-IRS's new APA procedure sets preference to bilateral / multilateral over unilateral APAs

US IRS concurrently issues two final Revenue Procedures on ‘Procedures for Requesting Competent Authority Assistance under Tax Treaties’ and ‘Procedures for Advance Pricing Agreements’, after consideration of public comments; Procedure

Aug 13, 2015