Australia releases draft laws for TP Country-by-Country (CbC) reporting

Australia releases 2 exposure drafts as part of 2015 Budget measures for tackling multinational tax avoidance, proposed to come into effect from first income tax year beginning on or after

Aug 10, 2015

International Chamber of Commerce releases 2015 policy update on "Transfer Pricing and Customs Valuation"

International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) releases 2015 update of its 2012 policy statement on “Transfer Pricing and Customs Valuation” prepared by ICC Commission on Taxation and the Commission on Customs

Mar 09, 2015

Ahead of BEPS, ATO launches "bodyline" for cross-border dealings, prescribes documentation

Australian Tax Office (ATO) issues Taxation Ruling on documentation requirements post game-changing TR2014/6 on reconstruction powers; Taxation Ruling (TR 2014/8) constitutes a pre-requisite to establish a 'reasonably arguable’ position for

Jan 13, 2015

China IRS' increased scrutiny of service fees & royalty payments

In line with the aggressive approach adopted by the Indian tax authorities, China too seems to be embarking on the same path. As per a recent KPMG report , Chinese

Sep 17, 2014

Japan says 'tough issues' to increase average MAP processing time : Bloomberg BNA

Japan says average MAP processing time in respect of non-OECD countries (43 months) higher than that for OECD Countries (27 months); Sticking points in negotiations with non-OECD countries include locations

Feb 07, 2014

ITAT, BRICS among TP Week's nominees for leading forces in global TP

Indian ITAT among nominees for leading forces in global transfer pricing: TP Week Poll

Apr 30, 2013