UN issues Preamble clarifiying that country views in TP Manual 'not its own'

UN issues Preamble to Chapter on Country Practices in TP Manual for Developing Countries; Clarifies that views expressed by countries (including India) do not reflect UN's views

Oct 15, 2012

What the US Senate heard about offshore profit shifting

US Senate conducts hearing on Offshore Profit Shifting and US Tax Code on Sept 20; Highlights sale / licensing of intangible property to low-tax jurisdictions and repatriation techniques as primary

Oct 15, 2012

OECD publishes comments on 3 transfer pricing discussion drafts

OECD publishes public comments on 3 discussion drafts on TP aspects of intangibles, safe harbour and timing issue 

Oct 05, 2012

UN publishes TP Manual; Compensate entities incurring excessive AMP expenses, says India

UN publishes Transfer Pricing Manual for developing countries; Manual includes discussion on administrative and technical issues relevant for developing countries; Internal comparables preferable over external comparables, subject to 'rigorous scrutiny';

Oct 04, 2012

US IRS urged to consider 'flexible approach' over CUP in benchmarking guarantees

American Bar Association urges US IRS to provide guidance on related party financials and performance guarantees; Recommends flexible approach in bench-marking guarantees in the absence of CUP; Report invites attention

Oct 01, 2012

OECD announces dates for public consultation on TP Discussion Drafts

OECD announces dates for public consultation on TP Discussion Drafts

Aug 30, 2012