US 2017 APA Report: IRS signs 116 APAs in 2017; India accounts for 21% of total bilateral APA filings in 2017

US IRS issues 19th Annual Advance Pricing Agreement (APA) Report for calendar year 2017, highlights signing of 116 APAs (30 unilateral,

Apr 23,2018

Google India only reviewing & evaluating services/tools, not developing software, argues Revenue

Revenue Counsel Mr. C. H. Sundar Rao began arguments on disputed classification of one of Google India’s segments as a

Apr 12,2018

Google India a software developer, TPO’s characterization as KPO wrong, argues Mr Khincha

After conclusion of lengthy hearings on the taxability of Google India’s AdWords payments to Google Ireland, ITAT begins hearing for

Apr 11,2018

Finance Bill, 2018 receives Presidential assent

Finance Bill, 2018 receives Presidential assent on March 29th.

Mar 30,2018

CBDT : March 31 due-date for CbCR not applicable to constituent entities of international groups u/s 286(4)

CBDT clarifies that due date of March 31, 2018 for furnishing CbCR shall not apply to constituent entities of an international group,

Mar 23,2018