Stakeholders highlight OECD's HTVI-guidance carrying double taxation risk, application in non-BEPS situation

OECD releases public comments on discussion draft providing guidance on implementation of approach to pricing transfers of hard-to-value intangibles (‘HTVI’);

Jul 07,2017

EU report explains public CbCR impact on employees' rights, exception for commercial secrets

European Parliament releases Report of Committee on Legal Affairs and Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs proposing amendment to existing Directive to allow

Jul 07,2017

EU Parliament approves public CbCR proposal after debate & vote in plenary session

EU Parliament approves public CbCR proposal after a debate and vote in plenary session, pursuant to Members of European Parliament

Jul 05,2017

US-IRS launches CbCR pages on containing FAQs, guidance & resources links

US IRS launches Country-by-Country (CbC) Reporting pages on its website; Pages provide background information on CbC Reporting and other helpful

Jul 03,2017

OECD to publish Transfer Pricing Guidelines next week

OECD to publish Transfer Pricing Guidelines for Multilateral Enterprises and Tax Administrations next week : OECD tweet

Jun 27,2017