Longer timeline for TP-cases resolution contributes to increasing global inventory, highlights OECD's 2018 MAP-statistics

OECD releases mutual agreement procedure (MAP) statistics for 2018 covering “89 jurisdictions and almost all MAP cases worldwide”, pursuant to members of the Inclusive Framework on BEPS committing to implementation

Sep 16, 2019

OECD releases second CbCR peer reviews; Confirms India meets ‘appropriate use’ test

OECD releases second annual peer reviews of the BEPS Action 13 Country-by-Country (CbC) reporting initiative considering its implementation by jurisdictions as of April 2019, states that it demonstrates strong progress

Sep 03, 2019

OECD releases Stage 2 MAP peer reviews for UK, US & 4 other jurisdictions

OECD releases first round of Stage 2 peer review monitoring reports for implementation of BEPS Action 14 [minimum standard]  on improving tax dispute resolution mechanisms covering 6 countries, viz. Belgium,

Aug 13, 2019

OECD: Aims for ‘unified’ approach on ‘digitalisation’ by year-end; First MLI impact assessment soon

OECD’s Tax Talks twelfth session extensively deals with the Inclusive Framework’s two-pillar approach and updates on the G20 Finance Ministers meet held in Japan; Mr. Pascal-Saint Amans highlights the next

Jun 12, 2019

Inclusive Framework lays down road-map for consensus-based solution to address digitalisation challenges

Inclusive Framework on BEPS agrees on a road map for resolving the tax challenges arising from digitalisation, releases 44-pager ‘Programme of Work’ to develop a consensus-based long-term solution by the end of

May 31, 2019

OECD invites public input on possible solutions addressing ‘digitalisation’, releases consultation document

OECD releases public consultation document for addressing the tax challenges of ‘Digitalisation’, invites public comments by March 1st ; The Paper comprehensively outlines policy rationale, business models, mechanics for each of the

Feb 13, 2019