APA Regimes Across the Globe - A Comparative Analysis

While India has recently introduced the APA regime, many other countries have had it in place since a long time. How does the Indian regime fare in comparison with other countries? Is it in line with international best practices? 

232 APA applications filed in current year: Sources

The MNCs seem to be giving a big thumbs up to India's APA program. The number of APA applications filed in the second year, the last date of which was March 31st, is 232. This is almost 58% higher than 2013, wherein around 146 applications were filed.  

APA trends in emerging markets of China, Turkey & India

APA action is gaining momentum in emerging markets like China, Turkey & India, reports TP Week; Main problem faced by all 3 regimes is lack of resources & expertise, but APA is still the best option in terms of dispute resolution & providing certainty to taxpayers : TP Week 

CBDT signs 5 APAs, Akhilesh Ranjan says "major step" towards taxpayer certainty

CBDT signs 5 APAs, Akhilesh Ranjan says "major step" towards taxpayer certainty. In what is likely to be seen as a big step towards reducing tax litigation being faced by MNCs in India, the Indian Government has signed its first Advance Pricing Agreements (APAs) with taxpayers. 

APA team reaches first share valuation 'understanding' with taxpayer: Sources

In what could be a trend setter and a way out from tax litigation for many MNCs, the APA wing of IT Department is learnt to have reached an "understanding" with a taxpayer on proposed share issue transaction.

Indian APA regulations

India’s APA program launched in 2012 is a voluntary process, whereby the tax authority and the taxpayer may seek to resolve the transfer pricing issues in an ethical, non-adversarial manner and in a collaborative environment. Indian Government issued APA notification allowing anonymous pre-filing consultations and also bilateral, Multilateral APAs and Unilateral APAs.

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