Revenue’s 10+ SLPs challenging HC’s application of Softbrands ratio on TP issues & more!

Revenue files 10+ SLPs before SC challenging Karnataka HC orders on TP-issues like comparables selection, application of filters, grant of

Mar 19,2019

India finalizes Bilateral Competent Authority Agreement for exchange of CbCR with USA

India finalizes Bilateral Competent Authority Arrangement, along with an underlying Inter-Governmental Agreement, for exchange of CbC Reports between India and

Mar 15,2019

Danish SC deletes TP-adjustment on Microsoft Denmark’s marketing activities, holds remuneration at ALP

Danish Supreme Court holds remuneration received by Microsoft Denmark (assessee) for marketing activities in Denmark to be at ALP for

Mar 01,2019

OECD appoints Jeffrey Van Hove as head of Tax Treaty, Transfer Pricing Division

OECD appoints Jeffrey Van Hove as Head of the Tax Treaty, Transfer Pricing and Financial Transactions Division, who took up his

Feb 28,2019

US IRS publishes statistics on CbCR filed by U.S. corporations and partnerships for 2016

US IRS publishes statistics of Country-by-Country (CbC) Reports filed for 2016 based on data from Form 8975 CbC Report and

Feb 27,2019